On the road of James Bay, in addition to the splendour of the northen landscapes, you will discover at the end of the road, 7 722 MW of power. (LG-2) It is the most important site of energy production in the world, 140 metres underground. High as 53 buildings

A gigantic dam which will impress you certainly with its stunning sluice of floods, nicknamed the staircase of the giant which contains 10 steps, each of the size of 2 soccer fields!

It is in 1970 that the Society of energy of the Bay James begins the construction of the village of Radisson on the south bank of the Big River (la Grande Rivière), so named in memory by Radisson, one of the first French explorers to have walked on these territories during the second half of the 17th century.

Did you know that the village of Radisson is the French-speaking community that is the most far in North of Quebec, in Canada, in America and to the world?